Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Joannie Loves Chachi

Fountain cokes, pony-tails and leather jackets are all reminders of the 1950's as well as great loves like Joannie and Chachi or the FONZ and any cute girl that would get on the back of his mototcycle.  When I put on this dress from PurpleMoon called Hopper I thought about Joannie and I just betcha' she had a dress something like this to wear to her sock hops where she met up with her love Chachi.

Another great find at PurpleMoon are these wonderful glasses called Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses in off-white.  They have multiple options for the entire pair such as changing the frame, arm and metal pieces as well as the lens part.  You can set these to be different colors, different metal choices as well as the opacity of the lens so you can wear eyeglasses or sunglasses, the combinations are endless it seems.

Styling Card

Dress:  Hopper Dress in Pink/Black from PurpleMoon
Shoes:  Embossed leather Oxford Pumps by Leverocci
Glasses:  Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses Off-White from PurpleMoon
Jewelry:  Fancy Dice earrings from Artilleri
Hair:  Say in Black 05 from Elikatira


When you go dancing the first step to take is to make sure you look like a million bucks, I get to show you how to achieve that when you visit PurpleMoon main store.  When you visit you will find the beautiful Cha Cha Dress, this one in Magenta is just one of many colors to choose from.  As you dance the dress will fly and spin around you making you feel as if you are in a beautiful rose garden.

The dress is so beautiful you have to not only see the front you all will want to see the back as well, the strap will help you hold all your important part in place as you dazzle them on the dance floor.  You can high step it in these hot magenta heels from Mary Jane Shoes.

Styling Card

Dress:  Cha Cha Dress in Magenta/Black from PurpleMoon
Shoes:  Delusional Brights/Blacksole from Mary Jane Shoes
Jewelry:  Neyla Earrings and Rings from Eluzion
Nails:  Solid Pink from Finesmith
Hair:  Again from the Essentials Collection Elikatira

Monday, May 7, 2012

Disco Queen

Another design from PurpleMoon Creations that will remind you of the 'good ol' days', Audrey Dress Disco Style.  The big hoop earrings and platform shoes take you right back to the days of satin, white leisure suits and the famous Hustle!!!  You can pick this dress up at The Gypset Market and show off your disco fever.

Styling Card:

Dress:  Audrey Dress Disco Style-MESH from PurpleMoon @ Gypset Market
Shoes:  Natalie Croco Pumps in Gold from Aleida
Hair:  Cafe Mistro in Black from LoQ Hairs
Pose:  Runway 1 from Isomotion

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sping has Sprung

When I slipped this wonderful design on I never felt more alive with spring fever !!  Look at this wonderful creation from PurpleMoon that is only available at Fashion Limited for a short time.  It is called Annie and is in the special edition color of Gold and is adorned with lily's and butterflies in orange and brown.

I love the way the butterflies dance around the dress, bringing spring to life in a ball gown.

You can get this look too by getting to Fashion Limited for your special edition Annie gown from PurpleMoon. 

Styling Card:
Gown:  Annie in gold from PurpleMoon
Jewelry:  Lily in Gold from PurpleMoon
Hair:  Ann in Chocolate from PurpleMoon
Nails:  Metallic Nails in Bark Brown from PurpleMoon

Here's your limo to Fashion Limited

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ready for Winter....

What do you like most about summer fading into cool nights, windy days and autumn colors?  Besides soup and chili for supper one of my favorite things is the chance for a new snugly wardrobe.  Poulet has given us her fall collection with this fancy little get-up, a coat with fur in all the right places to keep you warm in this beautiful blue color and this long high-waisted skirt in steel.
Look at the beautiful detail of the fur around your neck and cuffs with the sparkles to give you the right amount of shine to turn every head when you wear this coat named Zorali.  The necklace is from the new fall line of jewelry called Atomic, this set is in blue/gold.  You can also find the edgy hair upstairs in the main store, this style is Exa in sterling.
This knee length pencil skirt in steel has a high waist that comes with a belt in black, but if you would like a more uniform look you can choose the other belt, which comes in the same color of the skirt.  As with most of the creations found in Purple Moon you can wear the skirt without the high waist for other items you can purchase to compliment this item. 
I choose the new line of footwear this fall called Growl in blue.  While you browse the store you will see these wonderful pumps in many colors can be complimented with coordinating purses and scarves.  The design of animal print alternating with an accent color is the perfect opportunity to use these pumps to dress up or down.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Best

While out shopping this weekend I ran into these fabulous things from Purple Moon.  The new top is great for those warm days left of summer, and gives off just the right amount of shimmer with well placed sequins.  Poulet has fallen in love with wood jewelry and I must say she has done a wonderful job painting them up to go with virtually any outfit.  Thanks Poulet, for yet another wonderful creation!!!

Top:  Fusion in Black from Purple Moon @ L.E. Look
Jewelry:  Kenya Set in Yellow from Purple Moon
Hair:  Mia in Black from Purple Moon
Shoes:  Polka Pumps in Dirty Black from Purple Moon & Boho House
Nails:  Metallic Nail in Gold from Purple Moon

Friday, October 7, 2011

New fall collection @ Boho

Poulet has done it again, starting our fall out with this new set called Rise, perfect for those days of fall that fill the air with a crisp cool breeze.  This set comes in 7 different fall colors @ the Boho House.  I will most definately be hitting the shopping circut showing off my new Rise outfit.
Outfit:  Purple Moon's Boho House  Rise in Brown
Shoes:  Purple Moon or Boho House  Narcissus in Copper
Jewelry:  Purple Moon  Anna Set in Cedar